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It's late. The alarm clock rang and you ignored it. Then you wake up and go to work in hurry, and you just realize that you forgot your phone at home.And you have a lot of important calls to receive. And you live on the other side of the town and coming back home is not an option. Wouldn't it be cool to have a way to check all your missed calls?

4.8 stars on Google Play

DroidAlone – Android missed calls notificationGoogle Play4.8

With Droidalone you can access remotely to every feature you need from your phone, without having to go back home. Even in the unfortunate case your phone is lost.

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Missed calls notification by email

Receive all missed calls in your email

Automatic text message auto response

You can set remotely an auto response sms to be sent to every missed call

Remote contact number lookup

You can look for contact’s number sending an sms to your phone

Remote configuration

Every single feature can be toggled remotely via sms

Phone location retrieval

With an sms command you can get the gps coordinates and even the address where you left your phone

Password protected commands

You need to provide a password to perform every action



What users say:

  • Great. The only one that works
  • Droidalone is a fantastic app that works reliably, has a simple clean interface and comes with regular settings which are logical
  • A must have in phone management
  • Excellent! It does exactly what it says and maybe in better way than you expect when you purchase it

DroidAlone in action


While being an amazingly simple idea, is executed very well indeed and is genuinely intuitive and helpful. It’s the sort of app you might never actually have the need for, but when you do it’s truly brilliant


For anyone who has forgot their cell phone at home while rushing out the door to work or school this application is a must.

Wireless Style

We’re not entirely sure droidalone is a completely new idea, but it’s certainly a good one.


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